1936 Rolls Royce 25/30 J Gurney Nutting

Very few examples of such a beauty still exists in our world today. Originally delivered by Coachbuilder J Gurney Nutting in August 1936 to a London area Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal West Kent Regiment & he later sold it to a London area physician, who was probably one of the few London area residents in possession of a petrol allowance, due to his medical obligations. The car survived WWII & eventually found it's way to the United States. The car was owned by a few prominent US citizens, including Nelson A Rockefeller & then, in 2005, was acquired by James & Donna Metheney, owners of Coachbuilt. The car has been gently restored to near original condition. This rolling testament to British design is now available to that one person who would truly appreciate & cherish this rolling piece of art and history.  





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